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Mobile Lending

Netsoft Mobile lending platform is an automated end to End system allowing institutions to offer instant loans to their customers, disbursing the money to their MPESA,Mobile Wallets or directly to the bank accounts

The systems come with the registration module and fully functional credit scoring engines allowing the corporates to register their potential customers and vet their risk profile.

Netsoft cash Mass lending system is SIMPLE , EASY,PROCESS which is convenient for the youth and all people to register to their financial institution seamlessly from the comfort of their mobile phones. Through personalised Netsoft cash mobile App allow the financial institution to do the following:


  • End to End digital member registration - including capturing of geo - location where the customer is dialing from, ID scanning - both front and back , signature scanning and uploading of the photo. This is on top of providing all the Know Your Customer (KYC) details usually required.
  • A member already registered under the virtual member number can now pay the initial membership share fee
  • Subsequent payment of monthly deposits directly through mobile money
  • Verification of details through IPRS and customer MPESA statement (analyzed digital)


  • Loan processing module
  • Bot Automation - Customer can apply lo ans through Social media
  • Automated registration module
  • Saving module - customer s can save money directly using their mobile phones
  • Settlement system with B2C, C2B and B2B API
  • Loan referral module - We keep track of customer invites and ref er rals with the platform
  • Robust Analytics and dynamic reporting Module